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An all-in-one UHF RTLS Antenna + Reader that’s transforming the physical world into real-time data visibility.


View Technologies offers the unique Echo Smart Antenna with the ability to provide hands-free, real-time data capture with an exceptional read-range of up to 150 feet. There is no other RFID technology out there that provides the read-range and accuracy of the Echo Smart Antenna.

Echo Smart Antennas are powered by the inView Software Platform. The inView Software Platform is built to enable 3rd party applications in various industries and verticals to run more efficiently and accurately. The platform is comprised of Echo antenna(s) and three tiers of service that allow you Locate, Track and Act depending on your business needs. Location service provide a real-time stream of 3D position data for Passive UHF RFID tags. Tracking service provide a stream of zone movement data for when tags move from one software created zone to another, as well as provide access to historical location and movement data. The Act service provides attribute enrichment and rule-based events to be triggered based on zone movement, which generates actionable and meaningful alerts and notification for business processes.

Echo 300 Data Sheet             Echo 302 Data Sheet


Finding something just became a whole lot easier. Locate thousands of UHF Passive tags in 3D space with actionable and reliable accuracy to fit your business needs.


As items move through areas of interest, software-enabled tracking provides zone-based movement events. The life of a tagged item is tracked historically, including identification in a zone, location within the scan area, and zone movement events.


All this data, but what to do with it? A flexible rules engine and tag/zone attribute-enrichment brings zone movement events to life, enabling business decisions through end-user applications.

Real-Time Visibility

Real time visibility with live data enables immediate action, such as finding an important item, identifying a shipment that went onto the wrong container, or ensuring merchandise is available on the sales floor.

Continuous Monitoring

The same infrastructure can continuously monitor and track areas with multiple use case applications. This data gives birth to true process change over time with an easily expandable tracking technology.


The inView Echo antenna enables floor-wide coverage within any sized facility, alleviating any requirement for manual hand scanning. With human error removed, data is more accurate and the process is far more efficient and economical.

Superior Range

A max read range of up to 150 ft in optimal RF environment makes continuous, hands-free identification of UHF Passive tags practical for large, wide-area environments such as warehouses with long aisles, department stores or shipping bays.


Whether you care about tracking inventory in a retail store, or managing an assembly line, the inView platform is suited to empower your application. Echo antennas can be mounted in various orientations and optimized specifically for the use case, with a rules engine that allows for various forms of publishing meaningful data.


Being able to capture whether an item has entered or exited an area can go a long way, but understanding how and why it moved is much more valuable than simply knowing it moved. Tag and Zone attribute enrichment along with a robust rules engine uncover meaningful insights into how and why something did or did not move.

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We're bringing the promises and possibilities of the Internet of Things to life by transforming the physical world into real-time item-level visibility using global standards and cost effective Passive RFID technology.

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View Technologies has made strategic alliances with many of the industry’s leading system integrators and application platforms. If you’re interested in finding the right company to integrate View Technologies into your company, we would be delighted to make an introduction or share more about their capabilities on their behalf.

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Again you need to write down the advantages and disadvantages of owning a car. In the introduction part of the essay you need to mention